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Inventing the European policies of tomorrow

This synthesis by Virginie Timmerman shows the key issues of the debate organised by Notre Europe – Jacques Delors Institute and the European Movement France on 25 January 2014 in Rouen, about democracy, euro, employment, globalisation and the EU.

25 January 2014, 4 months before the next European elections, Notre Europe – Jacques Delors Institute and the European Movement – France organised the second debate of their cycle “Droit d’inventaire – Droit d’inventer”, in Rouen in the euro-constituency North-West, on the themes democracy, euro, employment and globalisation.

Three major issues were pointed out:

1. Globalisation and citizenship: breathing new ideas into the European dream in order to assert itself towards the other world powers
2. Democracy: explaining the European Union, its project and its institutions
3. Employment and the euro: defining a new European economic model

On this occasion, citizens were able to share their questions and opinions with:

Karima DELLI, member of the European Parliament
Thomas FERENCZI, former Brussels correspondent for Le Monde
Elmire Af GEIJERSTAM, consultant, former representative of Swedish cities and regions with the EU
Marcel GRIGNARD, deputy general-secretary for CFDT
Nicolas MAYER ROSSIGNOL, president of the Haute-Normandie Region
Pierre MENGUY, professor in Le Havre University
Catherine MORIN-DESAILLY, vice-president of the European Movement – France
Gilles PARGNEAUX, member of the European Parliament
Patrick SCHREINER, representative of the Lower Saxony DGB
Claude TALEB, vice-president of the Haute-Normandie Region

To listen to the podcast of the debate (in French), click here.

To see the pictures, click here.