The words of the electoral campaign: populism

“The words of the electoral campaign” is a monthly series of publications produced in partnership by the Geopolitical Studies Group (GEG) of the Ecole Normale Supérieure (Ulm) and the Jacques Delors Institute. It proposes decryptions on keywords likely to structure the campaign for the upcoming European elections.

Concepts like populism, nationalism, progressivism or sovereignism today draw the lines of force of a real field of political confrontations. These terms, which all have a long history, remain today in permanent construction and the debates that concern them are numerous: historical debates on their origin and their semantic evolution; questions about their place in the construction of new political narratives; debates on their nature, between real ideological positions and strategies of political communication.

Too often, the frequent use of these notions in public debates does not sufficiently reflect the complexity of their definition and must lead to an indispensable work of analysis and clarification. In this perspective, “The words of the electoral campaign” offer a plural analysis of each of the selected terms, with the ambition to allow readers to better understand their complexity.

This week we are interested in the term “populism”.