The EU’s Four Strategic Challenges

In preparation for the NATO summit to be held on July 11 and 12, 2018, Nicole Gnesotto, vice president of the Jacques Delors Institute, identifies four strategic challenges that require European lighting.

The international context makes the EU’s strategic balancing complex, unstable and worrying. It should not come as a surprise then, that security matters both within and around the EU are among the predominant concerns of citizens and Heads of State alike. Many initiatives, which were once impossible, are underway, often spurred on by France. But it is necessary to launch a debate on the purpose, objectives and the principles of these initiatives.

In this context, Nicole Gnesotto, professor at the CNAM and vice-president of the Jacques Delors Institute, distinguishes and analyses four strategic challenges that require European lighting: autonomy in decision-making, crisis anticipation, political influence and the coherence between our interests and our democratic principles.