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Making the Green Deal a European success
Coalition, narrative, flagships

Nothing is more difficult to take in hand, more uncertain to succeed, more dangerous to manage, than leading the introduction of a new order of things”.
Niccolò Machiavelli, Il Principe, 1532

After peace, the single market and the euro, the European Green Deal has the potential to become the defining mission of the European Union. Its success would strengthen the relevance and the legitimacy of the EU. It would show all Europeans, especially the youngest generation, that the EU is an essential part of the solution to the challenges of the 21st century. To make the Green Deal a European success, the EU needs a coalition, a narrative and flagships that pave the way for the hard policy decisions to come.

The authors would like to thank the thirty participants to the 29 Nov. 2019 Paris workshop on the European Green Deal, with a special thank you to the Commissioner Carlos Moedas and Commissioner-elect Nicolas Schmit. The authors moreover thank Thierry Chopin, Marie Delair, Sébastien Delpont, Pascal Lamy, Emilie Magdalinski, Léa Pilsner, Geneviève Pons, Pierre Serkine for their valuable comments and ideas.