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Report on vertical and horizontal multilevel governance: 5 case studies

Fundamental decarbonisation through sufficiency by lifestyle changes

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Breucker, F. & Farfoglia, R. 2023. “Report on vertical horizontal multilevel governance“, Report, Full-fill Project, November.

This report analyses enablers and barriers for sufficiency on the meso level and sheds light on the multi level governance affecting sufficiency lifestyles and initiatives. It aims to show how meso level tr ansformations can support micro level transfo rma tions and be supported by macro level transformations. Based on five exemplary case studies that have been conducted on sufficiency initiatives in Italy, France, Germany, Denmark and Latvia this report investigates the initiatives’ influence on persona l lifestyles, the role of municipalities and macro level policies in supporting or inhibiting the initiatives, as well as the transformational potential of sufficiency initiatives. Here, direct  and indirect, positive and negative effects of the initiative s are studied , including impact on gender, health, the social and political dimension, as well as taki ng into account potential spill over and rebound effects. In line with previous findings from WP4, key enablers for sufficiency initiatives that emerge inc lude support from municipalities, favourable macro level policies and legal frameworks , as well as resource availability, enabling infrastructures and committed volunteers . Conversely, key barriers for sufficiency initiatives include legal hurdles , social acceptance issues, resource limitations, and reluctance of existing systems. The five c ase studies analysed in this report show that the interplay between micro –, meso –, and macro level transformations is a dynamic and complex process. S ufficiency initiat ives emerge as powerful catalysts for micro level transformations and individual lifestyle changes. Sufficiency initiatives thrive when municipalities recognize their value and offer support, ideally aligning their goals with the objectives of the initiati ves, while macro level policies are needed to provide the necessary framework for collaboration and growth. The key to success lies in fostering successful cooperation by aligning the goals of municipalities with those of sufficiency initiatives, to work t owards more sufficient cities together.