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The Europeans and Uncle Trump: a risk and an opportunity

Donald Trump’s election to the presidency of the United States of America is a geopolitical event that entails risks whose causes and consequences the Europeans need to analyse if they are to turn that event into an opportunity for our Union.

Donald Trump’s election is at once a risk and a geopolitical opportunity for the EU. The EU will be able to benefit from it on condition that its member states and its citizens seize that opportunity in a spirit of cooperation and of solidarity rather than by vainly vying for the favours of a partner which is in any case likely to direct its gaze elsewhere in the future even more than it has done in the past.
This tribune by Enrico Letta, Yves Bertoncini and members of our Board of directors was published on Euractiv.com, Euractiv.de, in Le Figaro and El País.
This Tribune is also published in href=”https://www.institutdelors.eu/media/uetrump-ca-ijd-jan17-fr.pdf?pdf=ok” target=”” title=”Les Européens et l’Oncle Trump”>French and in href=”https://www.institutdelors.eu/media/uetrump-ca-ijdb-jan17-ger.pdf?pdf=ok” target=”” title=”Die Europäer und Onkel Trump”>German.