Think Global – Act European IV. Thinking Strategically about the EU’s External Action

Elvire Fabry presents in video the report “Think Global – Act European IV” which mobilises 16 european think tanks about the strategically reflection on the EU’s External Action.

Notre Europe – Jacques Delors Institute has transformed its project Think
Global – Act European (TGAE)
, launched in 2008 and which today mobilises
16 european think tanks, into the heart of a broader reflection
concerning the instruments of the EU’s external action service.

Think Global …

…How to anticipate the negative spillover of the crisis on EU’s influence in the world? While focusing on fiscal consolidationand economic recovery, the EU needs to clarify its external action strategy and introduce more coherence with its internalpolicies.What are the main international challenges and priorities for the EU? How to develop a more global strategy responding to those
challenges? How to deal with the EU’s coordination problems
between internal and external policies, the differentexternal policies themselves, as well as between its institutional actors?…

Act European

Notre Europe – Jacques Delors Institute mobilises a group of 16 European think tanks which confront their policyrecommendations, within the scope of the ‘Think Global–Act European’report.Launched in 2008, this group of European think tanks issues a report every 18 months outlining challenges and agenda priorities. The first three editions of the report (2008, 2010 and 2011) have thus allowed highlighting coordination issueswhich the successive EU trio presidencies have to face throughout their 18 month agenda.