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Towards a more social Europe?

This synthesis reviews the key issues addressed during a debate on social Europe with Jean Pisani-Ferry, László Andor and Marisol Touraine, and in particular the need to go further in creating a social Europe and the Social investment package.

The Centre d’études européennes de Sciences Po [Paris Political Studies Institute’s Centre for European Studies], in partnership with Notre Europe – Jacques Delors Institute, hosted a conference in Paris on 14 June 2013, entitled “What Social Initiatives for Europe?”. The speakers at the conference were:
Jean Pisani-Ferry, commissioner general for the Commissariat général à la stratégie et à la prospective [French Economic Policy Planning] and a member of the Board of directors of Notre Europe – Jacques Delors Institute;
László Andor, European commissioner for Employment, Social affairs and Inclusion;
Marisol Touraine, French minister for Social affairs and Health.

The debate was moderated by Bruno Palier, director of research with the CNRS at the Centre d’études européennes de Sciences Po.

This synthesis reviews the key issues addressed in the course of the conference:
1. The challenge of building a social Europe;
2. Why do we need to go further with social Europe?
3. The Social investment package for the modernisation of national social systems;
4. Strengthening social Europe in the face of the economic crisis.