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What are the economic and social issues of the 2014 European elections?

This synthesis of Sofia Fernandes resumes the conclusions of the round table “Facing economic and social crisis” of the debate organized by Notre Europe – Institut Jacques Delors, Eurocity and Europartenaires on 16 September 2013 around the 2014 European elections.

We propose you a synthesis of the round table “Facing the economic and social crisis in Europe” which brought together Bernadette Ségol, Pervenche Berès and Guy Verhofstadt on 16 September in Paris within the conference “European elections 2014: the debate is now”.

This synthesis by Sofia Fernandes sets out the main elements of the debate, including the division of powers between the EU and the members states in social matters, the capacity of the banking system toserve the real economy, the question of the capacity of the EU and EMU fiscal capacity as well as the need for a social Europe that takes the preoccupations of the European citizens better into account.

To listen to the podcast of the round table and of the conference (in French only), click here