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What do we mean when we talk about energy citizenship?

10 tentative types of citizen involvement in the energy transition

Citizen participation and acceptability of the energy transition will determine the success of the European Green Deal. Energy citizenship is a key concept in this quest, but for many decision makers it remains unknown. What do we mean when we talk about energy citizenship? Broadly, the concept encompasses the various ways that citizens are involved in the energy transition. But how do citizens engage in the energy transition, and to what end?

The first EnergyPROSPECTS synthesis brief laid out the foundations for a nuanced understanding of how energy citizenship takes shape across Europe today. This second synthesis brief presents 10 tentative types of energy citizenship that will be further refined along the course of the project. The aim is to go beyond the most obvious and common forms and broaden the perspective of what we mean when we talk about energy citizenship. Ultimately, the goal is to provide evidence-based policy recommendations to promote sustainable, democratic, just, or otherwise desirable forms of energy citizenship in the EU.

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