Centre Grande Europe

The Grande Europe Centre of the Jacques Delors Institute is dedicated to the analysis of the new enlargement of the European Union, with a particular focus on the situation of the Western Balkan countries.

Its activities (publications, events, exchanges and training) aim to provide a better knowledge in France of the candidate countries, to develop relations with other think tanks, and to monitor the enlargement process in order to address the issues at stake and formulate ways forward. Its work focuses more broadly on the architecture of the continent, which is being shaken up the current war in Ukraine, to which the European Political Community (EPC) is seeking to respond.

Supported by the Open Society Foundation, the initiative builds on the new impetus given to enlargement following the applications of Ukraine and Moldova and the relaunch of negotiations with Balkan countries. Its creation was presented on November 10th 2022 at the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, in the presence of the Secretary of State for Europe, Laurence Boone.

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The Centre’s team includes :

Press contact: Lara Martelli, Communication and Media Relations