#Energy centre

The energy transition is a vital issue for the future of Europe. To better define the content and actions for an energy transition serving all Europeans, the JACQUES DELORS ENERGY CENTRE (JDEC):

  • provides national and European political and economic decision-makers with insights on energy transition issues
  • formulates political recommendations for actions to be implemented by public authorities.

The Jacques Delors Energy Center draws on the work undertaken by the Jacques Delors Institute. Together with the President of the European Parliament Jerzy Buzek, Jacques Delors first promoted what is now the Energy Union. Since 2015, the European Union promotes a holistic approach to the energy transition in which the citizen-consumer is at the centre of the energy system. Energy efficiency, renewable energies, clean mobility solutions, innovation, investment and social justice are the key ingredients of an energy transition that:

  • protect Europeans from CLIMATE CHANGE,
  • help European COMPANIES to become world leaders in the energy transition,
  • create QUALITY JOBS in future sectors of the energy transition,
  • maintain HEALTH of citizens by fighting against AIR POLLUTION,
  • bring all Europeans out of ENERGY POVERTY, thanks to building renovation,
  • modernize DEMOCRACY at the local, national and European levels.