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In 2014, Jacques Delors gave a part of his personal archives to the Jacques Delors Institute : those that concern his years as President of the European Commission. In order to enlighten european news and the challenges which face the European Union, these documents need to be made accessible to researchers and to any one who might be interested by european construction history.


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“This community needs a political vision”

Jacques Delors, 01/01/1993

This archival fonds was constituted by Jacques Delors’ office when he was president of the European Commission, between 1985 et 1995. These archives are a testimony of Jacques Delors’ life and deeds as president of the European Commission, but also of his political and ideological commitments.

“We must consent, in certain domains, to share our sovereignty with others in order to be stronger”

Jacques Delors, 24/01/1995


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The Jacques Delors fonds inventory describes close to 2,000 digital files in PDF format. Their digitization was completed thanks to a partnership between the European Union’s Historical Archives (IEU Florence) and the Jacques Delors Institute. This partnership permitted the digital reproduction of the 13,7 linear metres of paper files kept at the Jacques Delors Institute in Paris. They can be consulted on request in all our partner institutions.

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