Nadège Chambon

Former Senior Research Fellow. Agriculture and rural development. Citizen dialogue.

Senior Research Fellow.

Areas: Common Agricultural Policy reform, CAP budget.

In charge of “CAP 2013” research project and of the “Citizens’ Events”.

Native from the Ardèche area in France, Nadège is graduated from the Instituts d’Etudes Politiques in Lyon and Strasbourg, where she studied political science and economics. She is the author of several papers and opinion columns which advocate a long-term vision for post-2013 CAP reform. She has been invloved in expert works for the Commission and the European Parliament.

At Jacques Delors Institute she also participated in research on the role of food and wine in the formation of “European identity” (2005-2006) and was the coordinator of the first editions of the “European Agora” (2007-2008-2010).

In 2003-2004 she was responsible for a report on the French language in India, written for the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In 2005 she went once again to New Delhi, for an investigation on the EU presence in India’s capital.