External contributor

Florence Deloche-Gaudez

Doctor of political science, lecturer on external relations and EU institutions at the European Centre of the Institut d’Études Politiques

She was a consultant on European affairs at CAP, the analysis and forward studies centre of France’s ministry of foreign affairs, where she contributed inter alia to a Franco-German study on a 30-member European Union. She also collaborated on the “Quermonne” report, on the future of the European institutions, carried out by the Commissariat au Plan. Dr Deloche-Gaudez has published a number of articles on France’s stance with regard to the enlargement of the Union and the reforms this will require, in particular within the framework of the Trans-European Policy Studies Association (TEPSA). Before joining Sciences Po, she was a lecturer on European integration at a number of other institutions (Fondation de l’École polytechnique, Centre de formation des journalistes, École des mines de Paris and Fondation journalistes en Europe).