External contributor

Lucia Najšlová

Senior Research Fellow, EUROPEUM

Najšlová is Senior Research Fellow at EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy in
Prague and Editor-in-Chief of ‘V4 Revue’, a webzine on politics and society in
the Visegrád Group countries. Ms. Najšlová was previously Editor-in-Chief of
the ‘Zahranicná politika’ magazine and Researcher for the European Studies
program at SFPA in Slovakia. She holds a doctorate in political theory from the
Department of European Studies and at Comenius University in Bratislava, and
was OSI Fellow at University of Arkansas and Visiting Researcher at University
of Oslo during her studies. She has written extensively on EU’s relations with
its neighbors, with a special focus on Turkey. Her research interests include
external perceptions of the European Union and the East-West communication gap.
She lectures at the UPCES program of CERGE-EI and at Anglo-American university
in Prague.