External contributor

Richard Youngs

Director (on leave), FRIDE

Richard Youngs is director (on leave) of
FRIDE. He is also assistant professor at the University of Warwick in
the UK. Prior to joining FRIDE, he was EU Marie Curie research fellow at
the Norwegian Institute for International Relations, Oslo (2001-4), and
senior research fellow at the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office
(1995-8). He has a PhD and an MA in International Studies from the
University of Warwick and a BA in Social and Political Science from the
University of Cambridge.

His research focuses mainly on democracy
promotion and democratisation, European foreign policy, energy security,
and the MENA region. He has written several books on different elements
of European external policy and published over forty articles and
working papers, while writing regularly in national and international
media. His latest work is Europe’s Decline and Fall: the struggle against global irrelevance (Profile Books, 2010).