Bruxelles, 14 janvier 2010 – Une Union Européenne sans cesse moins carbonée ?

Notre Europe vous invite à participer à la présentation de l'étude "Une Union sans cesse moins carbonée? Vers une meilleure fiscalité européenne contre le changement climatique" de Eloi LAURENT et Jacques LE CACHEUX.

Notre Europe organise la présentation de son étude “Une Union sans cesse moins carbonée? Vers une meilleure fiscalité européenne contre le changement climatique” de Eloi LAURENT et Jacques LE CACHEUX, le 14 janvier  2010 a l’ Hotel Crown Plaza Europa 107 Rue de la LoiBrussels .


In the aftermath of Copenhagen and at the moment Europe prepares to put sustainable development at the centre of its growth strategy, the study by Laurent and Le Cacheux calls for a reconsideration of the effectiveness of Europe’s economic instruments against climate change. The European Union has become the undisputed world leader on the issue, it is true. But the Union’s environmental strategy still lacks coherence and even credibility. The powerful economic instruments created by the EU – in particular the European emission permits market – need to be reformed and completed if carbon is to be taxed more effectively.

This study proposes just such a reform of Europe’s carbon taxation, concerning both the emission permits market and Europe’s various carbon tax regimes. The authors survey the unhealthy trend of carbon emissions in the EU and look closely at the instruments available to fight climate change: emission permits market, regulation, and environmental tax. It emerges that these tools, in their current form, are poorly suited to the declared aims of the EU. On the basis of this observation, four scenarios for a new European carbon taxation are sketched out, each corresponding to a different degree of political ambition. 


16.00h – 16.30h Registration – Coffee

16.30h – 17.00h Presentation of the study by the authors

17.00h – 18.30h Panel discussion chaired by Peter CARL, former DG for Environment and former DG for Trade

With the participation of:

  • Walter DEFFAA, Director General, DG Taxation and Customs Union, European Commission
  • Alberto CORNEJO PÉREZ, Deputy Director for Excise Duties and Foreign Trade Taxes, General Directorate on Taxation, Spanish Ministry of Economy and Finance
  • Patrick TEN BRINK, Head of Brussels Office, Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP)

18.30h – 19.00h Cocktail reception