Bruxelles, 30 November 2015 – Programmes d’apprentissage régionaux

David Rinaldi, chercheur à l'Institut Jacques Delors, prendra part à la session de travail sur les programmes d'apprentissage régionaux Organisé par GE Bureau de Bruxelles.

David Rinaldi, Research Fellow at the Jacques Delors Institute, will speak at the Working Session on Regional Apprenticeship Schemes organised by GE Brussels Office. 

The Working Group will look at: 

  • What are the obstacles faced by companies and governments when trying to realize regional apprenticeship schemes?
  • How could the public and private sector better collaborate to improve access to the job market and quality skills for young people in the region? How can young people, youth organizations and schools be better integrated and participate in the process to create a truly collaborative and inclusive model?
  • What could be done with the support of the EU, and commitment of business, to improve the quality of youth employment and how will this be reflected in regional initiatives?

Prior to the Working Session, Rinaldi will also attend a meeting at the European Parliament on
“Paving the Way for Quality Youth Employment in Europe”.