Quel rôle pour la recherche et l’innovation dans le Green Deal européen


12:45 > 14:15


The European Green Deal is this Commission’s flagship program. It sets the EU on a clear path of accelerated decarbonisation and its implementation. Research and innovation will be key in delivering these goals, however, the exact role and potential of R&I in this historic proposal is still fairly unclear.
We need research and innovation to deal with the challenges facing society. From tackling climate change to digitalisation and maintaining European industrial competitiveness. It is time for the European Parliament to step up and start the discussion on what the role and meaning of R&I in the Green Deal should be.
The workshop will revolve around the recently released E3G report “Delivering Climate Neutrality: Accelerating EU Decarbonisation with Research and Innovation Funding”.
We will also present a flagship example of how innovation leads to market success. Northvolt is Europe’s leading battery start-up, offering crucial lessons on the future of European industry.
Additional presentations will be held by EIT InnoEnergy, a knowledge and innovation community delivering practical innovation, fostering the creation of start-ups and entrepreneurial spirit to support European industry as it undergoes vital transformations.
Lastly, The Jacques Delors Energy Centre, a Europe-based think tank, will tackle the social dimension of clean energy innovation.

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