Turin, 18 et 19 septembre 2014 – Quelles évolutions politiques et institutionnelles pour l’UE et l’UEM ?

Notre Europe – Jacques Delors Institute et le Centro studi sul federalismo, organisent le 6eme Forum européen des think tank, le 18 et 19 septembre 2014 à Turin, en Italie. L’évènement rassemble une quarantaine d’experts provenant de plusieurs États membres de l’UE.

Notre Europe – Jacques Delors Institute and the Centro studi sul federalismo, organise the 6th European Forum of the think tank at Torino, on 18 and 19 September 2014. The event will gather about 40 experts from several European member states.

Thursday 18th September 2014


National Museum of the Italian Risorgimento

Torino, Italy

The sovereign debt and the economic crisis, the European Parliament elections’ debates andthe European Council designation of the proposed Commission President have clearly shownthe need for an in-depth reflection on the political and institutional system of the EuropeanUnion. EU institutions and Member States differ among themselves on the way forward to anew phase of European integration, while Citizens still have problems to understand the EUand wait to see if their voice counts in EU policy-making. In this context, should we reformthe EU current institutional system and on what points? What evolutions are necessary formore legitimate and more efficient EU and EMU? Do we need new practices, new tools, newtreaty(ies)?The 6th edition of the European Forum of Think Tanks, held by Centro Studi sul Federalismoand Notre Europe – Jacques Delors Institute, will bring together during a day and a halfrepresentatives from European think tanks, European institutions and national governments,for an in depth debate on the political and institutional evolutions for the EU and the EMU.Three round tables, punctuated by special interventions by key speakers, will enable us todiscuss these issues.

Synthése du 5eme Forum européen des think tanks (Berlin 2012)

Synthése du 4eme Forum européen des think tanks (Barcelone 2010)

L'événement est terminé.


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