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What is the scope of the EU external Competence
in the field of energy today?

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The following analysis made by Ms Chrysanthi Tramountana is part of her thesis to obtain her Master at the College of Europe. This thesis has been awarded in June 2019 by the Jacques Delors Institute as a remarkable contribution to the development of the Energy Union. In spite of the Clean Energy Package for all Europeans being successfully adopted in June 2019 and the completion of the internal energy market, the external dimension of the latter continued to be considered as a matter of competence of the Member States, as witnessed by the NordStream saga described earlier in the policy brief of the Jacques Delors Institute, written by Jean-Arnold Vinois and Thierry Bros.

| 16/12/2019

The analysis made below demonstrates that the European Commission should not be shy in defending directly the EU positions in respect of third countries by using the collective power of the European Union, through international negotiations. This analysis supports the conclusions and recommendations made in the abovementioned policy brief.