Policy paper 187

#DigitalAmitié: a Franco-German Axis to Drive Digital Growth and Integration

The EU lags behind the US and parts of Asia when it comes to digital growth. The Commission put forward an encompassing reform program to counter them: The Digital Single Market Strategy. But will that strategy suffice to unleash the full digital potential of the EU?

From 2015 onwards the EU-Commission has gradually presented the Digital Single Market Strategy (DSM), an ambitious regulatory overhaul designed to adapt the rules of the game within the Single Market to the demands of digitalization. Yet, will it be enough to put the EU on par with the champions of the digital transformation in the US and parts of Asia? And how could Member States collaborate more to fully reap the economic potential of digitalization?
In this Policy Paper, Henrik Enderlein, Director of the Jacques Delors Institut – Berlin, Paul-Jasper Dittrich, Research Fellow at the Jacques Delors Institut – Berlin and David Rinaldi, Research Fellow at the CEPS et Associate Research Fellow at the Jacques Delors Institute, outline a proposal for an intergovernmental approach: A DigitalAmitié between France and Germany for start-ups, education and towards regulatory convergence in “borderless sectors”.

This Policy Paper is also available in href=”https://www.institutdelors.eu/media/digitalamitie-dittrichenderleinrinaldi-ijd.pdf?pdf=ok” target=”” title=”#DigitalAmitié”>French and href=”https://www.institutdelors.eu/media/digitalamitie-dittrichenderleinrinaldi-jdib.pdf?pdf=ok” target=”” title=”#DigitalAmitié”>German.