Is the stupidity pact still stable?

António Vitorino takes a stand on the issues on the European Council agenda for 14-15 March 2013, addressing the implementation of the “European semester”, the deficit reduction strategy, the strategy towards countries in difficulty and the main priorities of the “growth and employment pact”, especially with regard to the single market.

Ahead of the meeting of the European council on 14-15 March 2013, António Vitorino, the president of Notre Europe – Jacques Delors Institute, answers the following questions:

1 – This European Council spring summit is un important step for the new “European semester”: What results do you expect from the debate?

2 – Should the European Council review its deficit reduction strategy or timetable?

3 – Do you think that the European Council should send out a specific signal to countries in difficulty, for instance Cyprus or Italy?

4 – The European Council is due to review the progress made in implementing the “growth and employment pact”, with particular with regard to the single market: what are the main priorities?

5 – The European Council is expected to assess the new multi-annual financial framework and the legislative proposals that it has spawned. What message should it issue?

6 – The European Council is due to debate the EU’s foreign policy. Can we expect any concrete results to emerge?