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Mainstreaming Innovation Funding in the EU Budget

This study was conducted by Dr. Eulalia Rubio, Jacques Delors Institute, Dr Fabian Zuleeg, European Policy Centre, Emilie Magdalinski, Jacques Delors Institute, Thomas Pellerin-Carlin, Jacques Delors Institute, Marta Pilati, European Policy Centre, Philipp Ständer, Jacques Delors Institut – Berlin, on behalf of the commission of budgetary control of the European Parliament.

| 06/05/2019

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This study provides a comprehensive analysis and assessment of how the EU budget supports innovation in the current programming period and analyses the approach to innovation financing in the Commission´s MFF 2021-2027 proposals. In particular, the study:
• Proposes a conceptual framework to identify amounts of EU budget in support of innovation;
• Estimates the aggregate volume of funding directly and indirectly intended to support innovation in the 2014-2020 MFF;
• Explores existing synergies between different EU sources of innovation funding, and how these contribute to the attainment of the Horizon 2020 seven societal challenges;
• Assesses the functioning of various EU-sponsored partnerships for innovation;
• Analyses the role played by EU financial instruments and budgetary guarantees in support to innovation;
• Analyses the approach to innovation financing in the Commission´s MFF 2021-2027 proposals.
The study is based on extensive desk research, including the analysis of academic publications, legislative regulations, impact assessments, monitoring reports and mid-term evaluations and reports from the European Court of Auditors on EU budgetary programmes, EU-sponsored partnerships, financial Instruments and the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI). Complementing this information, 30 in-depth interviews have been conducted with officials from different Commission DGs (AGRI, CLIMA, EAC, ENER, ECFIN, REGIO, RTD), EIB and EIF representatives, members of the European Court of Auditors and OECD experts on innovation and research.