Camille Le Ho

Former research Assistant, Europe – Jacques Delors

Camille Le Ho, 23 years old, has been a Research Assistant at Europe – Jacques Delors. From February to September 2020, she assists Geneviève Pons in the matters related to sustainable development, climate and the financing instruments of the EU for green solutions.

Interested in geopolitical and environmental issues, she has a Master’s degree in « Europe and  Global Affairs » at Sciences Po Rennes. She specialised in matters linked to the Arctic and energy since she wrote her thesis on E.U. energy policy in the Arctic. The exact title of the thesis is “A Critical Look at the European Union’s Energy and Geopolitical Approach to the Sino-Russian partnership: the Example of the Natural Gas Industry in the Arctic,” and was based on a case study on the Yamal LNG plant in Siberia.

She developped her knowledge ofr environmental policies at an international level through an internship at UNU-FLORES, an organism of the United Nations specialised in integrated na​tural resource management (water, soil, waste) in Germany.