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Beyond the Troika: which divides and faces for the EU?

The Troika has led to political damage for the image of the EU that needs to be fixed or compensated by promoting an organised confrontation along national and party lines, write Y. Bertoncini and V. Kreilinger in this Viewpoint.

The Troika interventions in Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Cyprus have
generated long lasting political damage for the image of the EU that
need to be fixed or compensated: this requires promoting a European
political game organised along national and party lines.

The analysis of Yves Bertoncini, director of Notre Europe – Jacques Delors Institute, and Valentin Kreilinger, research fellow at Notre Europe – Jacques Delors Institute is based on three main statements:

1. The eurozone crisis has fuelled
an intense democratic debate in the EU,

2. The divides between member states should be made
even more visible,

3. The divides within the European Parliament also deserve
more attention.

The affirmation of these national and party divides
will underline better that the debate on EU decisions is more open than it
seems. It is also a good way to recall that critics of such decisions should
not call them “anti-democratic”, but rather work to change the balance of power
in the European and national elections, and then respect the outcome of the

This Tribune was published on EurActiv.com, EurActiv.sk (in Slovak) and on the French edition of the Huffington Post.