Namur, 21 September 2018 – Migration policy and EU: which policy for Common good?


15:30 > 17:00


The group “Passion for Europe” together with the Jesuit European Social Centre (JESC) are proposing a two-day session to share the Christian vision of Europe’s current situation and main challenges, and open a dialogue on possible changes of mindset so as to rediscover the European common good. Sébastien Maillard, director of the Jacques Delors Institute, participes as a moderator for the session "Migration flows: How Europe faces the global challenge? Which policy for Common Good?".

The so called „migrants crisis“ is at the heart of political evolutions in a number of EU countries. Europe policy is widely considered as a failure for a majority of citizens, and this issue is a source of division within Europe. Some EU national migration policies are in contradiction with the humanistic spirit at the foundation of Europe values; Pope Francis calls Europe to find “the right balance between its two-fold moral responsibility to protect the rights of its citizens and to ensure assistance and acceptance to migrants”, and calls for a dialogue to find new and sustainable solutions with greater boldness and creativity.

The speakers of this session are: Henrik Nielsen (tbc), acting director of the DG Migration and Home Affairs of the European Commission, Johannes Brandstaeter of the German Diakonisches Werk and José Ignacio García, director of JRS Europe.