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Terrorist threat and refugee crisis: French and German answers

This Tribune is the result of the “Think Tanks Tandem”, a series of meetings organized between July and October 2016 with representatives of French and German think tanks to discuss the terrorist threat, the refugee crisis (July 2016), the Common Security and Defense Policy of the European Union (CSDP) and the European Neighborhood Policy (October 2016).

| 23/01/2017

On the anniversary of the Franco-German Treaty of the Elysée we issue a declaration from the “href=”https://www.institutdelors.eu/media/tt-tandemprogramme809.7.2016-site.pdf?pdf=ok”>Think Tanks Tandem“, series of meetings organised between representatives of French and German think-tanks.
The challenges created by the threat of terrorism and the migrant crisis are so important that they could affect Franco-German relations, on a governmental level as well as on citizen level, especially if the the populist and anti-European actors from the two countries manage to provoke closure reflexes using these challenges in interior politics. 
The necessity for tight cooperation is therefore more obvious today than ever before. If our two countries become closer the cooperation in the face of these challenges could consolidate not just Franco-German relations, but also the cohesion of the European Union.
This Declaration is also available in href=”https://www.institutdelors.eu/media/terrorismecriserefugiesfrallensemble-thinktankstandem-jan17.pdf?pdf=ok” target=””>French and in href=”https://www.institutdelors.eu/media/terrorismusfluechtlingskrisedtfrgemeinsam-thinktankstandem-jan17.pdf?pdf=ok” target=””>German.