#European Parliament Political Observatory

Launched following the working group set up for the 2019 European elections by Christine Verger and Pascal Lamy, this Observatory analyses the political life of the European Parliament through regular publications on the voting dynamics within the parliamentary groups and on the particularities of European democracy. It also follows the work of the Conference on the Future of Europe.

Members of the group

  • LAMY Pascal, Chairman of the working group, President Emeritus of the Jacques Delors Institute, President of the Paris Peace Forum
  • VERGER Christine, Rapporteur of the working group, Vice-President of the Jacques Delors Institute
  • BERÈS Pervenche, Former Member of the European Parliament
  • BOURLANGES Jean-Louis, Member of Parliament, President of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Assembly
  • CHOPIN Thierry, Special Advisor to the Jacques Delors Institute, Professor of Political Science at the Catholic University of Lille – ESPOL
  • FRASSONI Monica, Municipal Councillor of Ixelles, former Member of the European Parliament
  • FREUND Daniel, Member of the European Parliament
  • KELLER Fabienne, Member of the European Parliament, former Mayor of Strasbourg
  • LAMASSOURE Alain, Former Minister Delegate for European Affairs, former Member of the European Parliament
  • MORENO SÁNCHEZ Javier, President of the Spanish Socialist delegation in the European Parliament
  • PONS Geneviève, Director General and Vice President of Europe Jacques Delors