Isabelle Donnay

Former administrative Officer, executive assistant

Isabelle Donnay’s original experience is the organization of travel plans. She has worked within a number of organizations (Jet Tours, Paris Tourism Office, the Brittany Center in Paris,  Vacances Ouvertes) developing her skills in management, administration, negotiation, and organizing events. She has a degree in European and international administration and management of enterprises and administration at the University of Paris XIII and a certification in Tourism. She speaks English (TOEIC) and Spanish.
Isabelle joined the JDI team as a personal assistant.
She has also held the position of Events Manager until September 2014 before becoming Administrative Assistant and Office and Travel Manager.
She had the pleasure of organizing the following key events:
Paris, 27 June 2014, Immigration and asylum: which policy for the EU?
Paris, 13 June 2014 – EU after May 2014 : enlargement’s 10th year and the European elections results
Paris, 5 June 2014 – Results of the European elections
Brussels, 4-5 May 2014 – Citizens facing the EU: what messages?
Paris, 24 April 2014 – European elections: what is at stake? Let’s debate
Paris, 20 March 2014 – Power to the citizens: Conditions for a European public space?
Brussels, 19 March 2014 – 15 European Parliament votes that shaped EU and national politics 2009-2014
Brussels, 22 January 2014 – Growth, competitiveness and employment: what strategy for the EU?
Paris, 11 December 2013 – The single market: 20 years later
Paris, 29-30 November 2013 – Our 2013 European Steering Committee
Paris, 12 November 2013 – Franco-german cooperation: the driving force behind an EU-MENA Energy Alliance?
Paris, 27 October 2013 – Can Europe inspire the world again?
Paris, 16 September 2013 – European elections: the debate is now!
Paris, 4 July 2013 – European Migration Policy: What strategy(ies) to address the demographic challenge?
Paris, 20 June 2013 – Europe: symbols and memory(ies)
Paris, 14 June 2013 – What social initiatives for Europe?
Brussels, 15 May 2013 – EU External Action: Time for a Strategic Rebound
Paris, 24 February 2013 – European Union and democracy. An asset for democratic renewal?
Paris, 22 February 2013 – The European party system
Paris, 18 February 2013 – Exceptional conference by Ireland’s President Mr M.Higgins
Paris, 10 January 2013 – Conference: “Europe, State of the Union”
Paris, 20 December 2012 – Conference by Pascal Lamy: Reflections on the future of globalization
Paris, 23 and 24 November 2012 – European Steering Committee of the Jacques Delors Institute – Jacques Delors Institute
Paris, 14 November 2012 – Valéry Giscard d’Estaing and Jacques Delors launch the French Eustory Competition
Brussels, 16 October 2012 – “Competition – Cooperation – Solidarity: Facing the New EU Challenges”
Paris, 25 September 2012 – Presentation of the report of the “Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa group “