External contributor

Henri Labayle

Professor and honorary dean of Universiy of Pau (France)

Dean of the faculty of Bayonne. Specialist of the third pillar and author of numerous publications on terrorism, extradition, mutual assistance in criminal matters, legislation on foreigners, fundamental rights, and the treaties of Maastricht and Amsterdam. Member of the French group on the Amsterdam IGC, main rapporteur for the group on cooperation in the field of justice and home affairs, member of the think tank on the reform of the European institutions within the Commissariat général au Plan and of the scientific council of the Jean Monnet Project on the 2000 IGC. Guest lecturer at various European and foreign universities and institutions. Expert with the Commission (protection of the Union’s financial interests) and Parliament (European judicial area and charter of fundamental rights), former chargé de mission with the minister for European affairs, course director on cooperation in criminal matters in Europe at the École nationale de la magistrature.