Groupe de réflexion de haut niveau sur les relations Union européenne/Etats-Unis

High-level task force reflecting on the future of EU/US relations

Jacques Delors Institute has convened a high-level task force to reflect on the future of EU/US relations, in the age of globalization. The task force is composed of high-ranking former European statesmen and ministers. It convened in Paris or Brussels on 19 June 2009, 18 September 2009, 6 November 2009, 18 January 2010 and 16 March 2010. The objective of the high level task force is to define a new concept for EU/US relations that will facilitate a common response to current global challenges. The task force is assisted by Jacques Delors Institute’s research team.

The members of the high level task force are:

  • Romano Prodi (co-chair), former President of the European Commission and former Italian Prime Minister
  • Guy Verhofstadt (co-chair), former Prime Minister of Belgium
  • Jerzy Buzek, President of the European Parliament, former Prime Minister of Poland
  • Étienne Davignon, former Vice-President of the European Commission
  • Jacques Delors, former President of the European Commission
  • Joschka Fischer, former German foreign minister
  • Paavo Lipponen, former Prime Minister of Finland
  • Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa, President of the Jacques Delors Institute, former Italian Minister of Finances

The report is edited by Nicole Gnesotto,as rapporteur, and coordinated by Sami Andoura, Timo Behr and Gaëtane Ricard-Nihoul of Jacques Delors Institute.