Florence, 17 October 2019 – The MFF and EU Policie 2021-2027


15:30 > 17:00

Eulalia Rubio, Senior Research Fellow at the Jacques Delors Institute, in charge of economic and budgtetary policies, intervenes for a seminar organised by the Robert Schuman Centre, on the topic "The MFF and EU Policie 2021-2027"

The EU towards 2030
MFF and Innovation and Investments

In this crucial period of the future of the European project, the definition of the financial and political priorities after 2020 will be one of the major challenges of the EU Institutions and the Governments of the Member States.

The outgoing Commission has left its legacy of proposals to renew the Multiannual financial framework for the period after 2021 and all the EU legislation with a financial impact. Some consider the legislative package presented by the Commission a step towards a more ambitious reform, while others deem that the proposals are only a cosmetic change in the continuity of the past.

This Workshop, organised by the Robert Schuman Centre (European University Institute EUI), will discuss the state of play and prospects of MFF negotiations and how the EU budget after 2021 can contribute to shape the EU policies for the next decade. Eulalia RubioSenior Research Fellow at the Jacques Delors Institute, will intervene in the session on the Multi-Annual Financial Framework.

You want to read more on these issues? Then read the following the Jacques Delors Institute’s Report:

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