Paris, 12 April 2019 – Session no.6 of the Académie Notre Europe: economic and monetary Union


09:00 > 18:30

The European Union is first and foremost and seems above all an economic construction. Free movement of goods and services, single currency, commercial power. Paradoxically, the EU budget hardly accounts for more than 1% of the GDP of its Member States, the incompleteness of the monetary policy is often decried and the single currency regularly questioned. These are all subjects on which we will return during this 6th session of the Académie Notre Europe. After having fed our citizen thread while exchanging with the founder of Des Europe and Men, Ariane Forgues, we will discuss the European budget with Alain Lamassoure. The afternoon will be devoted to a debate on the Euro in the presence of Olivier Bailly, Anne-Laura Delatte, Guillaume Duval and Francesco Saraceno. We will end the day by continuing the group work, which resulted from the action “This time I’m voting” organized by several members of the Academy and to which everyone is free to join.



09:00 ⋅ Home

09:30 ⋅ Coffee culture in the presence of Ariane Forgues founder and president of Des Europes et des Hommes

10:45 ⋅ Europe & budget with Alain Lamassoure European deputy

13:00 ⋅ Lunch 14:00 ⋅ The Euro debates with
Olivier Bailly, Chief of Staff Pierre Moscovici
Anne-Laure Delatte, Deputy Director of CEPII & Head of Research Program Macroeconomics and International Finance
Guillaume Duval, journalist at Alternatives économiques
Francesco Saraceno, Deputy Director of the OFCE

16:15 ⋅ Educational Workshops

17:30 ⋅ Action “this time I’m voting” (optional) End of the session at 18:30

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