Paris, 28 October 2019 – Mutualism, compatible with AI?


18:30 > 20:30

As part of their seminar cycle, the Jacques Delors Institute and the MACIF group are organizing an event and ethical and governing issues stemming from the progressive development of AI technologies

The development of Artificial Intelligence, and the progressive integration of these technologies in the economic, social and political systems, raises ethical and governance questions. Indeed, AI technologies seem to follow a logic of individualization, based on the characterization of an individual within a group (collaborators, consumers, citizens, etc.), a principle to which the collection of personal data has become important and faster. Is the Mutualist model, understood as a system of social solidarity based on the reciprocal mutual aid of contributing members, and therefore characterized by a phenomenon of “mass” and anonymisation, opposed to this logic of individualisation?

Depending on the use that is made of it, this logic of individualization also entails risks. An algorithm can be used to improve the well-being of users and citizens (eg. a better allocation of social resources) or to facilitate their monitoring, often at the cost of the space of freedom (eg. “social credit” system). China). Preventing the ethical risks, embedding within a greater use of AI technologies in our organizations and our societies, requires to question the model of governance to develop: what to protect? Who to protect? How to protect?

18:30 – Welcoming address by Philippe Perrault, Vice-president, MACIF Group

18:35 – The digital ambition of the European Commission
Introduction by Sébastien Maillard, Director of the Jacques Delors Institute

18:45 – Panel : « Mutualism, compatible with AI? »
Bruno Mettling, CEO, cabinet Topics, former Human Resources Director, Orange
Guillaume Buffet, Vice-president, Renaissance Numérique, President, U Change

20:15 – Conclusion et mise en perspective
Sylvie Delacroix
, Professor in Law and Ethics, Birmingham University, Fellow of the Alan Turing Institute

The event is by invitation only

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