Tournai, 27 October 2018 – Europe, I love you, me neither


17:00 > 02:00


The Jacques Delors Institute, in partnership with the Transfrontier Operational Mission, Eurométropole Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai, and in collaboration with UCL, Interphaz and Faciliyo, organizes a Franco-Belgian citizen consultation in Tournai as part of its cycle cross-border citizen consultations organized with the TOM.

Europe I love you, me neither? Or how to deinstitutionalize the European devices to make the citizen influencer? What message do you want to send to Europe today to think about the Europe of tomorrow? Only prerequisite: come with your creativity and your voice, we take care of fries, beer and concerts of border groups!

The objective set in the line of sight: to cross our Franco-Belgian glances on your representations, your perceptions and your perspectives on the Europe of tomorrow. An original event firmly committed to dialogue, experimentation and openness: a great citizen consultation on the Europe you dream of!

17:00 Reception of participants
17:30 “Once upon a time Europe”, introductory tale
18:00 “Europe I love you, me either? Or how to deinstitutionalize the European devices to make the citizen influencer?”
Participative debate based on collective intelligence practices highlighting the feelings by which citizens represent Europe today and anticipate that of tomorrow.
21:00 Concerts of Border Groups (with Black Paper Plane from Tournai, Mooneye from Zwevegem and Roken is Dodelijk from Lille)
00:00 Dance party with DJ

Free admission. You can register via this link.

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