Paris, 4 December 2018 – Ecological transition and the European Union: what are the levers for the emergency?


19:30 > 21:30


On the occasion of COP24, Thomas Pellerin-Carlin, head of the Jacques Delors Energy Center, intervenes at the French National Assembly to discuss the levers of action of the European Union in the face of the climate emergency.

If the problem of global warming has been raised for several years, recent warnings of the urgency of the situation lie in the question of political action in this area, particularly at the European Union level.

From 3 December 2018, the countries of the world will gather on the occasion of the COP24 and in 6 months, the European citizens will vote on the European policy of tomorrow. In this context, what role can the EU play both internationally and at the level of its Member States and regions?

To address this issue, and in particular to discuss the financing of the ecological transition, the Young Europeans – Professionals Ile-de-France are organizing their 6th Eurotalk, in the presence of:
– Liliana Tanguy, Member of Parliament and Vice-President of the European Affairs Committee
– Carole Mathieu, Researcher at IFRI, Head of European Energy and Climate Policy at the IFRI Energy Center
– Thomas Pellerin-Carlin, researcher at the Jacques Delors Institute, head of the Jacques Delors Energy Center
– Hervé Le Treut, climatologist, member of the Academy of Sciences (to be confirmed)

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