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A greener and more inclusive trade policy

This series is a cooperation between the Jacques Delors Institutes in Berlin and Paris and makes concrete proposals for the EU’s next institutional cycle.

1- Energy (Thomas Pellerin-Carlin et al.)
2- Eurozone (Lucas Guttenberg)

3- Trade (Elvire Fabry)
While the geopolitical dimension of trade policy is growing in importance and multilateralism is threatened, consensus in public opinion for global trade has shrunk and value chains are shortening. In this changing context of globalisation and with the surge in support for the Greens in the new European Parliament, the new Commission, which holds an exclusive competence in trade policy, must make it more ecological and inclusive, also reinforcing the compliance of imports with European standards. This shift in EU trade policy requires a whole set of greening and social measures as well as key initiatives to strengthen multilateralism.

Translation from french: Nicolas Köhler
4-Bolstering EU foreign and security policy in times of contestation
5- Digital (Paul-Jasper Dittrich)
6- Democracy (Thierry Chopin)
7- Migration (Lucas Rasche)
8- Employment and social policy (Sofia Fernandes)
9- Budget (Eulalia Rubio)


Please find all the proposals in one document here.