Policy paper

A new approach to Eurozone reform

This series is a cooperation between the Jacques Delors Institutes in Berlin and Paris and makes concrete proposals for the EU’s next institutional cycle.

1- Energy (Thomas Pellerin-Carlin et al.)

2- Eurozone (Lucas Guttenberg)
The new Commission should shift gears. Rather than spending ever more political capital on ever smaller technical reform steps, it should focus on fostering a political consensus on the future direction of Eurozone reform. In parallel, it should ensure that the Eurozone is prepared for the next crisis, which might just be around the corner. This means first to bring the current reform package including a mini-Eurozone budget over the finish line; second to make Banking Union work properly; and third to prepare a playbook for a joint fiscal response in a future recession.

3- Trade (Elvire Fabry)
4-Bolstering EU foreign and security policy in times of contestation
5- Digital (Paul-Jasper Dittrich)
6- Democracy (Thierry Chopin)
7- Migration (Lucas Rasche)
8- Employment and social policy (Sofia Fernandes)
9- Budget (Eulalia Rubio)

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