The REFEREE project provides essential support to EU energy stakeholders at all levels of governance by quantifying the direct and indirect societal benefits of energy interventions. This initiative has made significant strides in establishing energy efficiency as the primary fuel, thus advancing the desired energy transition.

Discover the REFEREE Policy Assessment Tool

At the core of REFEREE’s success lies our innovative Policy Assessment Tool. Grounded in a scientifically robust macroeconomic model, this tool is designed to revolutionise how policymakers, businesses, and public institutions approach energy investments. By delivering comprehensive insights into the multifaceted benefits of energy measures, the REFEREE Tool enables informed decision-making that fosters socio-economic, environmental, and health-related gains.

Unlock Powerful Insights and Strategic Advantages

The REFEREE Policy Assessment Tool is your key to unlocking powerful insights into the real value of energy efficiency. It meticulously analyzes and quantifies both the direct and indirect non-energy impacts of energy investments over the long term (up to 2050), supporting decision-makers at various governance levels – from local to European. Whether you are formulating national policies or local action plans, the REFEREE Tool equips you with the data and foresight needed to optimize energy strategies and achieve cost-effective sustainability.

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National Policy Assessment Tool

The National Policy Assessment Tool is a cutting-edge resource that empowers national policymakers to define and refine energy policies with precision. This robust tool facilitates the evaluation of policy measures’ impacts on national energy systems, offering insights into emissions reductions, energy savings, and economic benefits.

Utilising this tool, national authorities can strategise effectively, ensuring that their energy policies align with the European Union’s goals for sustainability and climate neutrality.

Local Policy Assessment Tool

Tailored for local governance, the Local Policy Assessment Tool has been instrumental in aiding municipalities across Europe to develop over 45 Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans (SECAPs). This intuitive tool allows local governments to simulate the impact of energy efficiency policies on local energy consumption, budget allocations, and socioeconomic outcomes.

By incorporating this tool into their planning processes, municipalities can enhance their strategies for energy efficiency, driving forward the European agenda for a greener, more resilient future.


The Jacques Delors Institute is responsible for the dissemination activities within the REFEREE project. This includes raising awareness about energy efficiency and its multiple benefits, as well as promoting the REFEREE tool to decisionmakers and stakeholders.