AIG Global Trade Series 2021

Elvire Fabry

La série Global Trade est le fruit d’une collaboration entre AIG et différentes organisations internationales qui possèdent une expertise de premier plan en la matière : Georgetown Law, Institute of International Economic Law ; Chatham House ; l’Institut Clingendael ; la Chambre de commerce internationale du Royaume-Uni et de France ; l’Institut Jacques Delors ; l’Institut de recherche sur l’économie, le commerce et l’industrie, IAA ; et la Bertelsmann Stiftung (Knowledge Partner).

Télécharger le sommaire de la série en anglais

Are regional agreements the future for global trade networks?

Can globalization deliver for all citizens, developing countries and SMEs?

Mercosur, USMCA, CPTPP and Beyond

Digital services boomed during the pandemic, bringing to the fore questions of global standards, governance, and taxation

What would an increase in carbon pricing mean for global emissions and macroeconomics?

How can new trade barriers in the post-COVID-19 world be avoided?

Navigating the new direction of EU trade policy

What are the prospects for reform of the WTO; and how best to ensure that reform is supported by all?

Will the future of globalization be decided by events in the Indo-Pacific?

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