Brussels, 9 April 2019 – European Parliament press seminar on the European elections (“Go To Vote” campaign)


13:30 > 18:15

Geniève Pons, director of the Jacques Delors Institute office in Brussels, speaks in the European Parliament about the political and societal challenges surrounding the European elections.

The Media Services Unit in the Director General for Communication of the European Parliament, is hosting an election seminar on 9-10 April in Brussels. We are expecting more than 200 journalists from the EU Member States to be briefed and discuss the final phase of the election campaign (GO TO VOTE),  running up to 23-26 May 2019. This is the third in a series of election seminars with different themes and angles, that we have been organising with the purpose of briefing and informing journalists and media about the European Parliament elections.

From 3pm to 3:30pm Geneviève Pons will address the journalists with a keynote speech “The most important european elections?” on the political and societal developments surrounding the elections of the European parliament.

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