Geneviève Pons
Director General of Europe – Jacques Delors
in Brussels

Geneviève Pons is an honorary Director of the European Commission (EC). She was in charge of environment and climate matters in Jacques Delors’ Cabinet during his last two mandates as President of the EC (1991-1995). She then held several management positions in the EC. She was appointed Director of the Legal Service of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) in 2013 and Director of the European Office of WWF in June 2015. She is a graduate from the Sorbonne, Sciences-Po Paris and ENA.

For Politico, Genevieve Pons is considered as one of the most influential women in Brussels, notably in the field of environment. She is an active member of the Antarctica2020 coalition, aiming at the protection of vast marine areas around Antarctica and of Ocean Unite Network, uniting and activating powerful voices for ocean conservation.

From 2020, she is Director General of the think tank Europe – Jacques Delors in Brussels.