Lille, 23 January 2019 – The stakes of the European elections


18:30 > 20:30

Thierry Chopin, Special Advisor of the Jacques Delors Institute, speaks during a debate organized by the association Visions d'Europe, which will discuss the issues of the European elections of 2019.

From 23 to 26 May 2019, European citizens are called upon to choose their future representatives in the European Parliament. The election of the next European Parliament will be part of a very specific European political agenda. After 10 years of crises (eurozone crisis, migration crisis, Brexit, etc.), the political situation in the various EU Member States is marked by the rise of populist and Eurosceptic political forces. What impact does this have on the Union and what new divisions are shaping European politics today? What consequences do these new divisions have in the Member States and on the Union itself? In such a context, what are the stakes for the next European elections? What political power relations can be anticipated in the next European Parliament? What could be the consequences of the citizens’ vote on the choice of the next President of the Commission?

Thierry Chopin, Special Advisor of the Jacques Delors Institute, intends to clarify all these questions at the invitation of the Visions d’Europe association.

This event is open, without registration required. It takes place in the premises of Sciences Po Lille.

Élections 2019